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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Internet Artist outsells labels best

Seattle bad boy Phil Fischer’s first album “Wounded Soul”
featuring Scott Rockenfeld of Queensryche and Ben Smith
heart is still in demand despite legal troubles and is continuing
to rip up the sales in South America where it was released in
March of 2004. To date it has sold almost 337,900 copies,
far out grossing even Ashley Simpson.

Fischer released the album in South America only because
Fischer could not find distribution anywhere, even through
Starbucks, which is in his hometown of Seattle.

On the album is Grammy Nominee Paul Speer who not only
Co-produced the Project with Fischer, but his handy guitar
work can be heard all over the album.

With only a paltry 500 copies to start with, veteran Latin
Producer Manuel Fuentes signed Fischer to an exclusive
distribution deal with his label papa Lopez Records in
January of 2004 promising Fischer that if he would let him
release and break the album in South America, getting
distribution and radio play in the states would be a breeze.

Within 6 months after the release, the album creamed
everything on the charts and has sold over 337,900 copies.
Two singles “Cobblestone streets”, and “Windey Road”, two
of Fischer’s Best songs, have pulled almost 200,000
downloads . Even pop tart Britney Spears cannot top that.

Bad enough Phil has to run to another continent to get
distribution but to make matters even worse, almost a year
later attorneys for Fischer are still trying to find Lopez and
all of the money that Papa Lopez Records took in, which was
estimated at 3.9 million dollars US after the exchange rate,
with 2.2 million belonging to Fischer.

If that was not enough to have the budding rocker run for
cover, prior to the Lopez fiasco Fischer was contacted
by Damon Evans from 101 distribution. In June of 2003
Fischer entered into an agreement with
for 50,000 copies of his cd to be released into stores by
Christmas of 2003.

Fischer anticipating the release, and with promises from
Evans both in writing and via numerous emails that the cd
would be in stores, Apple Hill Records, Fischer’s own
label, spent an estimated $60,000 promoting the album in
movie theatres, radio, and television only to have Evans
leave Fischer in the dust by not coming through with the
distribution leaving fans hitting Fischer’s website at the
rate of 50,000 per day complaining.

The Agreement obtained by Northwest Magazine from
Apple Hill Records, clearly shows 101 in breach of
contract and the emails also obtained from Apple Hill
Records show Damon promising to fulfill the agreement
as late as August of 2004.

Fischer has hired yet another attorney to file suit against In that matter, but I am told they
will not file suit until they conduct a thorough investigation
into Evans which has been taking place now since October
of 2004.

Fischer has since embraced Christ, which has left his fans
screaming via email at the rate of 5000 a day. Phil is now
tracking at a new album with Justin Armstrong at the
world famous in his hometown of
Seattle, the favorites new hang out of Dave Mathews.

Fischer’s site is and his new album
will be out summer of 2006, if he can break the hold the
labels have on distribution and find retailers willing to
carry it.

Author Bio::
Tim Emerson

Northwest Magazine

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